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Kimbo Slice Net Worth

Kevin Ferguson was magnificently called Kimbo Slice. Kevin was born on February 8, 1974 in Nassau, a location in Bahamas. He’s essentially a Bahamian produced American fighter, assorted martial artist as well as an occasional celebrity. He’s a heavyweight boxing champion weighing 234 pounds(around 106 kg) and became well-known for …

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Debbi Fields Net Worth

Debbi Fields (created September 18, 1956) is the creator and present representative of Mrs. Fields Bakeries. Also, she’s written several cookbooks and makes biscuits. She and her husband have become involved in philanthropic work through the region. Debbi Fields’s dad was a welder and Fields had four sisters. In 1969, …

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Pierre Bouvier Net Worth

Pierre Charles Bouvier (created 9 May 1979) is a French Canadian musician and composer who’s best known as the lead singer of the pop punk band Simple Plan. Produced to Ral and Louise Bouvier. He’s two older brothers, Jay and Jonathan. Before and partially during his early musical career, Bouvier …

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