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How rich is Chet Brandenburg?

Chet Brandenburg net worth:
$1.7 Million

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Chet Brandenburg net worth, biography and wiki:

Chet Brandenburg was born on October 15, 1897 in Peoria, Illinois, USA as James Chester Brandenburg. He was an actor and assistant director, known for Hats Off (1927), Singin' in the Rain (1952) and You're Darn Tootin' (1928). He died on July 17, 1974 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Birth date: October 15, 1897, Kentucky, United States
Death date: July 17, 1974, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Birth place: Peoria, Illinois, USA
Profession:Actor, Assistant Director, Stunts
Siblings:Ed Brandenburg

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1Second cousin, once removed to Coleman D. Brandenburg, second cousin, three times removed to David Brandenburg.
2Brother of Ed Brandenburg.



Scarlet Angel1952Saloon Waiter (uncredited)
Glory Alley1952Waiter (uncredited)
The Girl in White1952Observer at Scene (uncredited)
Denver and Rio Grande1952Saloon Worker (uncredited)
The San Francisco Story1952Barfly (uncredited)
The Sniper1952Baseball Fan / Carnival Patron (uncredited)
Scaramouche1952Show Spectator (uncredited)
Anything Can Happen1952Helper (uncredited)
Singin' in the Rain1952Film Crew Member (uncredited)
The Big Trees1952Lumberman (uncredited)
Boots Malone1952Stableman in Stands (uncredited)
Dangerous Assignment1952TV SeriesMiner
Overland Telegraph1951Barfly (uncredited)
Silver City1951Mining Foreman (uncredited)
Week-End with Father1951Search Party Member (uncredited)
Cave of Outlaws1951Townsman (uncredited)
Anne of the Indies1951Pirate at Inn (uncredited)
Here Comes the Groom1951Wedding Guest (uncredited)
The Day the Earth Stood Still1951Farmer (uncredited)
Angels in the Outfield1951Baseball Fan (uncredited)
The Lady from Texas1951Townsman (uncredited)
Iron Man1951Ringsider (uncredited)
The Guy Who Came Back1951Wrestling Spectator (uncredited)
Best of the Badmen1951Quinto Townsman (uncredited)
On Moonlight Bay1951Train Conductor (uncredited)
Show Boat1951Man at New Years Celebration (uncredited)
He Ran All the Way1951Co-Worker (uncredited)
Hollywood Story1951Crew Member (uncredited)
Whirlwind1951Townsman (uncredited)
Soldiers Three1951Soldier (uncredited)
The Red Badge of Courage1951Wounded Soldier (uncredited)
Belle Le Grand1951Miner (uncredited)
Sierra Passage1950Stagehand (uncredited)
Frenchie1950Barfly (uncredited)
California Passage1950Townsman (uncredited)
Highway 3011950Bank Customer (uncredited)
The Blazing Sun1950Townsman (uncredited)
Kansas Raiders1950Man Killed During First Raid (uncredited)
Rio Grande Patrol1950Bartender (uncredited)
To Please a Lady1950Pit Crew Member (uncredited)
Two Flags West1950Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
Triple Trouble1950Convict (uncredited)
The Desert Hawk1950Man (uncredited)
Convicted1950Convict (uncredited)
Broken Arrow1950Miner (uncredited)
Snow Dog1950Trapper at Inquest (uncredited)
Hi-Jacked1950Man Outside Diner (uncredited)
The Gunfighter1950Townsman at Funeral (uncredited)
Winchester '731950Townsman (uncredited)
The Asphalt Jungle1950Man at Line-Up (uncredited)
Kill the Umpire1950Disgruntled Game Spectator (uncredited)
Comanche Territory1950Townsman (uncredited)
Wabash Avenue1950Saloon Patron (uncredited)
The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady1950Man in Audience (uncredited)
The Yellow Cab Man1950Mechanic (uncredited)
The Good Humor Man1950Policeman (uncredited)
Dynamite Pass1950Barfly (uncredited)
Black Hand1950Passerby on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Buccaneer's Girl1950Sailor (uncredited)
Mule Train1950Townsman (uncredited)
The Story of Seabiscuit1949Racetrack Usher (uncredited)
All the King's Men1949Man Listening to Speech (uncredited)
Challenge to Lassie1949Townsman (uncredited)
The Woman on Pier 131949Club Patron (uncredited)
White Heat1949Convict (uncredited)
The Gal Who Took the West1949Waiter (uncredited)
The Great Sinner1949Hotel Valet (uncredited)
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend1949Townsman (uncredited)
Canadian Pacific1949Railroad Worker (uncredited)
The Younger Brothers1949River Rock Townsman (uncredited)
The Crooked Way1949Diner Customer / Passerby on Street (uncredited)
The Stratton Story1949Bartender (uncredited)
Tulsa1949Waiter (uncredited)
Rustlers1949Barfly (uncredited)
Ladies of the Chorus1948Audience Member (uncredited)
Every Girl Should Be Married1948Cafe Patron (uncredited)
Mark of the Lash1948Barfly (uncredited)
Station West1948Waiter (uncredited)
The Man from Colorado1948Soldier at Dance (uncredited)
Return of the Bad Men1948Deputy (uncredited)
Green Grass of Wyoming1948Race Spectator (uncredited)
Silver River1948Dealer (uncredited)
Fury at Furnace Creek1948Trial Spectator (uncredited)
The Miracle of the Bells1948Crew Member (uncredited)
Tenth Avenue Angel1948Police Officer at Celebration (uncredited)
Western Heritage1948Townsman (uncredited)
Killer McCoy1947Tommy's Cornerman (uncredited)
Nightmare Alley1947Carnival Patron (uncredited)
Brute Force1947Convict in Yard (uncredited)
The Unfaithful1947Bailiff (uncredited)
The Vigilantes Return1947Waiter (uncredited)
The Millerson Case1947Townsman (uncredited)
It Happened on Fifth Avenue1947Man Tossing Pudding (uncredited)
The Egg and I1947Reveler at Country Dance (uncredited)
It Happened in Brooklyn1947Man in Montage (uncredited)
The Sea of Grass1947Townsman (uncredited)
Trail Street1947Townsman (uncredited)
The Sin of Harold Diddlebock1947Football Fan (uncredited)
California1947Miner (uncredited)
The Mighty McGurk1947Waiter (uncredited)
Angel on My Shoulder1946Man in Audience (uncredited)
Sunset Pass1946Saloon Waiter (uncredited)
Dark Alibi1946Convict (uncredited)
Badman's Territory1946Townsman (uncredited)
Gunsmoke1956-1964TV SeriesTownsman / Barfly / Party Guest / ...
Two Sisters from Boston1946Bowery Show Spectator (uncredited)
For Love or Money1963Prisoner (uncredited)
The Kid from Brooklyn1946Fight Spectator (uncredited)
Have Gun - Will Travel1957-1963TV SeriesBarfly / Townsman
From This Day Forward1946Pedestrian on Sidewalk (uncredited)
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis1963TV SeriesParty Guest
The Harvey Girls1946Townsman at Saloon (uncredited)
The Twilight Zone1960-1963TV SeriesAudience Member / Juror / Technician
Frontier Gal1945Barfly (uncredited)
Son of Flubber1963Courtroom Well-Wisher (uncredited)
Saratoga Trunk1945Cowboy (uncredited)
Billy Rose's Jumbo1962Rider on Monkey Wagon (uncredited)
Prairie Rustlers1945Townsman (uncredited)
The Untouchables1959-1962TV SeriesBureau Employee / Worker Unloading Alcohol / Brewery Employee / ...
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood1945Western Crew Member (uncredited)
Bonanza1961-1962TV SeriesTownsman / Miner / Delegate / ...
Bedside Manner1945Townsman in Line (uncredited)
Ride the High Country1962Miner (uncredited)
Flame of Barbary Coast1945Townsman (uncredited)
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance1962Townsman (uncredited)
Salome Where She Danced1945Cowboy Audience Member (uncredited)
Outlaws1961-1962TV SeriesTownsman / Barfly / Courtroom Spectator / ...
Law of the Badlands1945ShortBarfly (uncredited)
Judgment at Nuremberg1961Concert Attendee (uncredited)
Belle of the Yukon1944Miner (uncredited)
The George Raft Story1961Studio Employee (uncredited)
Wing and a Prayer1944Mail Orderly (uncredited)
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp1957-1961TV SeriesTownsman / Barfly / Clanton Henchman / ...
Man from Frisco1944Workman (uncredited)
One-Eyed Jacks1961Townsman (uncredited)
And the Angels Sing1944Headwaiter (uncredited)
Cimarron1960Townsman (uncredited)
The Song of Bernadette1943Townsman (uncredited)
Klondike1960TV SeriesTownsman
Whistling in Brooklyn1943Painter (uncredited)
North to Alaska1960Miner (uncredited)
Hers to Hold1943Club Patron (uncredited)
Peter Gunn1959-1960TV SeriesAnthony / Customer at Guido's / Balloon Salesman
Hitler's Madman1943Linesman (uncredited)
Sunrise at Campobello1960Convention Delegate (uncredited)
Jitterbugs1943Carnival Worker (uncredited)
Let's Make Love1960Spectator on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Air Raid Wardens1943Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
Young Jesse James1960Townsman (uncredited)
Prairie Chickens1943Townsman (uncredited)
Pay or Die1960Stagehand (uncredited)
It Happened in Flatbush1942Ballplayer (uncredited)
One Foot in Hell1960Cantina Barfly (uncredited)
Rings on Her Fingers1942Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Inherit the Wind1960Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
The Ghost of Frankenstein1942Villager (uncredited)
Overland Trail1960TV SeriesTownsman
Great Guns1941Mess Hall Draftee (uncredited)
The Texan1960TV SeriesBarfly / Townsman / Lynch Mob Member
They Drive by Night1940Man Griping at Farnsworth (uncredited)
The Rifleman1959-1960TV SeriesFight Spectator / Barfly / Townsman Forcing Julia to Leave
The Invisible Man Returns1940Miner at Colliery (uncredited)
Twelve Hours to Kill1960Soda Vendor at Baseball Game (uncredited)
Dodge City1939Townsman (uncredited)
Seven Thieves1960Club Patron (uncredited)
The Toy Wife1938Juror (uncredited)
Wanted: Dead or Alive1960TV SeriesTownsman
Swiss Miss1938Townsman (uncredited)
Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with a Circus1960Circus Worker (uncredited)
The Adventures of Robin Hood1938Hanging Spectator (uncredited)
Shotgun Slade1960TV SeriesStage Driver
Daredevil Drivers1938Smitty (uncredited)
Bat Masterson1959TV SeriesTownsman / Barfly / Show Spectator
A Day at the Races1937Racetrack Spectator (uncredited)
Bourbon Street Beat1959TV SeriesConstruction Worker
The Pinch Singer1936ShortAudience extra
The Jayhawkers!1959Cheering Townsman (uncredited)
Punch Drunks1934ShortKilduff Cornerman (uncredited)
The FBI Story1959Construction Worker (uncredited)
Sons of the Desert1933Son of the Desert (uncredited)
Last Train from Gun Hill1959Train Passenger (uncredited)
His Silent Racket1933ShortCharley Chase's Rival Dry Cleaner (uncredited)
Darby O'Gill and the Little People1959Pub Patron (uncredited)
Pack Up Your Troubles1932Bystander (uncredited)
The Wild and the Innocent1959Carnival Brawler (uncredited)
The Kick-Off!1931ShortBit (uncredited)
The Young Philadelphians1959Prisoner Mopping Jail (uncredited)
The Pip from Pittsburg1931ShortMan on Dance Floor (uncredited)
Death Valley Days1959TV SeriesBarfly
Be Big!1931ShortCab Driver (uncredited)
Tombstone Territory1959TV SeriesBartender
Pups Is Pups1930ShortMinor Role (uncredited)
Gunmen from Laredo1959Trial Spectator (uncredited)
Las fantasmas1930ShortFlustered Man
Union Pacific1959TV SeriesPoker Player
When the Wind Blows1930ShortFlustered Man
Good Day for a Hanging1959Townsman (uncredited)
The Hoose-Gow1929ShortPrisoner (uncredited)
Tumbleweed: Baron of Purgatory1959TV SeriesTownsman
Cat, Dog & Co.1929ShortCabbie (uncredited)
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1958TV SeriesPosse Member / Townsman
Double Whoopee1929ShortBellhop (uncredited)
The Last Hurrah1958Mourner at Wake (uncredited)
Two Tars1928ShortMotorist
The Sheepman1958Townsman (uncredited)
Should Married Men Go Home?1928ShortCaddie (uncredited)
Cole Younger, Gunfighter1958Barfly (uncredited)
You're Darn Tootin'1928ShortManhole worker
Merry Andrew1958Roustabout (uncredited)
Playin' Hookey1928ShortKeystone-ish cop
Sugarfoot1958TV SeriesTownsman in Bank
Putting Pants on Philip1927ShortExtra
Perry Mason1957TV SeriesRestaurant Diner
Hats Off1927ShortPedestrian #1
Tales of Wells Fargo1957TV SeriesBlacksmith
With Love and Hisses1927ShortSoldiering Rookie (uncredited)
M Squad1957TV SeriesConvict
Jewish Prudence1927ShortTruck Salesman (uncredited)
Ride Out for Revenge1957Soldier (uncredited)
War Feathers1926ShortRancher at the Whistling Clam
Gun Battle at Monterey1957Cheated Gambler (uncredited)
Good Cheer1926ShortPedestrian / Crooked Santa
The Tin Star1957Townsman (uncredited)
Official Officers1925ShortConstruction Worker
My Man Godfrey1957Dockhand (uncredited)
Our Congressman1924ShortDinner Party Butler (uncredited)
Hell Canyon Outlaws1957Townsman (uncredited)
Wide Open Spaces1924Short uncredited
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue1957Dock Worker (uncredited)
The Parson and the Outlaw1957Townsman (uncredited)
Chicago Confidential1957Barfly (uncredited)
Jeanne Eagels1957Cab Driver (uncredited)
Valerie1957Trial Spectator (uncredited)
The Vampire1957Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
Monkey on My Back1957Reporter (uncredited)
Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend1957Wagon Train Member (uncredited)
The Deadly Mantis1957Bus Disaster Observer (uncredited)
The Restless Breed1957Townsman (uncredited)
The Spirit of St. Louis1957Crowd Member in France (uncredited)
Fury at Showdown1957Waiter (uncredited)
The Tattered Dress1957Man on Courthouse Steps (uncredited)
Circus Boy1956-1957TV SeriesCircus Worker
Zombies of Mora Tau1957Zombie (uncredited)
The Incredible Shrinking Man1957Balloon Vendore (uncredited)
The 20th Century-Fox Hour1957TV SeriesTownsman
Drango1957Townsman (uncredited)
The Quiet Gun1957Townsman (uncredited)
Cheyenne1956TV SeriesDodge Townsman
Three Violent People1956Drunk (uncredited)
Friendly Persuasion1956Quaker (uncredited)
Around the World in Eighty Days1956Seaman (uncredited)
Calling Homicide1956Film Crew Member (uncredited)
The Boss1956Saloon Patron (uncredited)
Seven Men from Now1956Townsman (uncredited)
The First Traveling Saleslady1956Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
The Naked Hills1956Prospector (uncredited)
Screen Directors Playhouse1955-1956TV SeriesWaiter / Cafe Patron / Courtroom Spectator / ...
The Maverick Queen1956Barfly (uncredited)
A Day of Fury1956Barfly (uncredited)
Indestructible Man1956Police Officer with Flamethrower (uncredited)
Red Sundown1956Townsman (uncredited)
I'll Cry Tomorrow1955Bum on Street (uncredited)
It's a Dog's Life1955Dog Owner (uncredited)
Lucy Gallant1955Townsman (uncredited)
Illegal1955Defendant (uncredited)
Trial1955Brainley (uncredited)
The Tall Men1955Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Tennessee's Partner1955Dock Worker (uncredited)
The Scarlet Coat1955Soldier (uncredited)
Passport to Danger1954-1955TV SeriesBartender / Arab / Waiter
Wichita1955Townsman (uncredited)
Love Me or Leave Me1955Chauffeur (uncredited)
Prince of Players1955Protester at Theatre (uncredited)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea1954Sailor (uncredited)
Dawn at Socorro1954Lordsburg Bartender (uncredited)
Waterfront1954TV SeriesDock Worker
The Far Country1954Miner (uncredited)
Silver Lode1954Townsman (uncredited)
Captain Kidd and the Slave Girl1954Pirate (uncredited)
The Forty-Niners1954Barfly Restraining Billings (uncredited)
The Lone Wolf1954TV SeriesBoat Captain
Knock on Wood1954Bus Passenger (uncredited)
Phantom of the Rue Morgue1954Sailor (uncredited)
Overland Pacific1954Railroad Worker (uncredited)
She Couldn't Say No1954Out-of-Towner (uncredited)
So You're Having Neighbor Trouble1954ShortBus Driver (uncredited)
The Long, Long Trailer1953Police Officer (uncredited)
Man in the Attic1953Townsman (uncredited)
Escape from Fort Bravo1953Confederate Prisoner (uncredited)
Adventures of Superman1953TV SeriesMan Listening To Hamlet
Calamity Jane1953Barfly (uncredited)
So Big1953Townsman (uncredited)
City of Bad Men1953Townsman (uncredited)
Vicki1953Milkman (uncredited)
Devil's Canyon1953Townsman (uncredited)
Ride, Vaquero!1953Townsman (uncredited)
Arena1953Rodeo Spectator (uncredited)
Take Me to Town1953Barfly (uncredited)
Powder River1953Barfly (uncredited)
Pickup on South Street1953Fight Spectator (uncredited)
The President's Lady1953Marcher at Rally (uncredited)
Pony Express1953Townsman (uncredited)
Small Town Girl1953Townsman (uncredited)
Woman They Almost Lynched1953Townsman (uncredited)
Gunsmoke1953Railroad Worker (uncredited)
The War of the Worlds1953Man in Church (uncredited)
Rogue's March1953Man in Crowd at Pier / Citizen Spectator at Court-Martial (uncredited)
The Silver Whip1953Townsman (uncredited)
The Lawless Breed1953Bartender (uncredited)
The Black Castle1952Tavern Patron (uncredited)
Million Dollar Mermaid1952Crew Member (uncredited)
Hans Christian Andersen1952Stagehand (uncredited)
The Iron Mistress1952Casino Patron (uncredited)
Kansas City Confidential1952Robbery Spectator (uncredited)
The Raiders1952Trial Spectator (uncredited)
Lost in Alaska1952Prospector (uncredited)
The Duel at Silver Creek1952Barfly (uncredited)
Son of Paleface1952Townsman (uncredited)

Assistant Director

Assistant Director

Swiss Miss1938assistant director - uncredited
Way Out West1937assistant director - uncredited
Our Relations1936assistant director - uncredited
The Bohemian Girl1936assistant director - uncredited
The Live Ghost1934Short assistant director - uncredited
Babes in Toyland1934second assistant director - uncredited
Under Two Jags1923Short assistant director



City of Bad Men1953stunt double: Don Haggerty - uncredited
Fall In1942stunts - uncredited
Go West1940stunt double: Harpo - uncredited
Block-Heads1938stunts - uncredited
Name the Woman1934stunt double: Bradley Page



City of Bad Men1953stand-in: Don Haggerty - uncredited
Saps at Sea1940stand-in - uncredited
A Chump at Oxford1940stand-in - uncredited

Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Hey Moe, Hey Dad!2015TV Series documentaryVarious characters
The Laurel and Hardy Show1986TV SeriesPrisoner / Cab driver / Lodge member (1986)
The Little Rascals1955TV SeriesChauffeur (1955) / Flustered Man (1955)

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