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Warren Batchelder (April 18, 1917 – February 12, 2007) was an animator on many Warner Bros. and DePatie-Freleng cartoons. He also worked as animation director on the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon show. Wikipedia

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Warren Batchelder information

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Warren Batchelder profile links

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1Worked on numerous Warner Bros and Pink Panther cartoons, started with films in 1936 and joined up as animator for Warner Bros in 1958.

Animation Department

Animation Department

Pierre and Cottage Cheese1969Short animator
Pink Pest Control1969Short animator
Hurts and Flowers1969Short animator
Pink-A-Rella1969Short animator
Pinkcome Tax1968Short animator
Hawks and Doves1968Short animator
The Pink Package Plot1968Short animator
Pink Is a Many Splintered Thing1968Short animator
Pink Sphinx1968Short animator
Tickled Pink1968Short animator
Little Beaux Pink1968Short animator
Pink in the Clink1968Short animator
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour1968TV Series animator
Prehistoric Pink1968Short animator
The Pink Pill1968Short animator
Le Ball and Chain Gang1968Short animator
Pink Valiant1968Short animator
Le Great Dane Robbery1968Short animator
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink1968Short animator
Cherche le phantom1968Short animator
The Pink Quarterback1968Short animator
Lucky Pink1968Short animator
G.I. Pink1968Short animator
Bear De Guerre1968Short animator
Put-Put, Pink1968Short animator
Come on In! The Water's Pink1968Short animator
Transylvania Mania1968Short animator
Les Miserobots1968Short animator
Psychedelic Pink1968Short animator
Pinkadilly Circus1968Short animator
Sky Blue Pink1968Short animator
Pink Outs1967Short animator
The Hand Is Pinker Than the Eye1967Short animator
Prefabricated Pink1967Short animator
Tour De Farce1967Short animator
Super President1967TV Series animator
Pinto Pink1967Short animator
Le Escape Goat1967Short animator
Pink Paradise1967Short animator
Jet Pink1967Short animator
Le Bowser Bagger1967Short animator
Le Pig-Al Patrol1967Short animator
Bomb Voyage1967Short animator
In the Pink1967Short animator
Pink of the Litter1967Short animator
Pink Posies1967Short animator
Sacré Bleu Cross1967Short animator
Daffy's Diner1967Short animator
Pink Panic1967Short animator
Pinknic1967Short animator
The Road Runner Show1966TV Series animator
Toulouse La Trick1966Short animator
Rock a Bye Pinky1966Short animator
A Taste of Catnip1966Short animator
Unsafe and Seine1966Short animator
Sugar and Spies1966Short animator
That's No Lady, That's Notre Dame1966Short animator
Super Pink1966Short animator
Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!1966Short animator
The Pique Poquette of Paris1966Short animator
A Squeak in the Deep1966Short animator
Pink-A-Boo1966Short animator
Ape Suzette1966Short animator
Cock-a-Doodle Deux-Deux1966Short animator
Smile Pretty, Say Pink1966Short animator
Pink, Plunk, Plink1966Short animator
The Pink Blueprint1966Short animator
A-Haunting We Will Go1966Short animator
Vitamin Pink1966Short animator
Plastered in Paris1966Short animator
Pink Pistons1966Short animator
Cirrhosis of the Louvre1966Short animator
Pink Punch1966Short animator
Napoleon Blown-Aparte1966Short animator
Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat1966Short animator
The Astroduck1966Short animator
The Great De Gaulle Stone Operation1965Short animator
Bully for Pink1965Short animator
Go Go Amigo1965Short animator
Chili Corn Corny1965Short animator
Tease for Two1965Short animator
Rushing Roulette1965Short animator
Corn on the Cop1965Short animator
Suppressed Duck1965Short animator
Pink Ice1965Short animator
Well Worn Daffy1965Short animator
Pickled Pink1965Short animator
Assault and Peppered1965Short animator
Sink Pink1965Short animator
Moby Duck1965Short animator
Dial 'P' for Pink1965Short animator
The Wild Chase1965Short animator
We Give Pink Stamps1965Short animator
Cats and Bruises1965Short animator
Linus! The Lion Hearted1964TV Series animator - 2 episodes
False Hare1964Short animator
Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare1964Short animator
Freudy Cat1964Short animator
Bartholomew Versus the Wheel1964Short animator
A Message to Gracias1964Short animator
The Pink Panther1963animator: main titles - uncredited
Claws in the Lease1963Short animator
Aqua Duck1963Short animator
Banty Raids1963Short animator
The Million Hare1963Short animator
Fast Buck Duck1963Short animator
Good Noose1962Short animator
Mother Was a Rooster1962Short animator
The Slick Chick1962Short animator
Bill of Hare1962Short animator
Fish and Slips1962Short animator
Wet Hare1962Short animation
What's My Lion?1961Short animator
Daffy's Inn Trouble1961Short animator
Birds of a Father1961Short animator
Strangled Eggs1961Short animator
Hoppy Daze1961Short animator
Cannery Woe1961Short animator
Dog Gone People1960Short animator
The Dixie Fryer1960Short animator
Mice Follies1960Short animator
Crockett-Doodle-Do1960Short animator
Wild Wild World1960Short animator
West of the Pesos1960Short animator
People Are Bunny1959Short animator
A Broken Leghorn1959Short animator
Bonanza Bunny1959Short animation
Cat's Paw1959Short animator
Backwoods Bunny1959Short animator
A Mutt in a Rut1959Short animator
The Mouse That Jack Built1959Short animator
China Jones1959Short animator
Mouse-Placed Kitten1959Short animator
Gopher Broke1958Short animator
Pre-Hysterical Hare1958Short animator
That's Warner Bros.!1995TV Series animator
Weasel While You Work1958Short animator
Merrie Melodies: Starring Bugs Bunny and Friends1990TV Series animator
Dog Tales1958Short animator
Tiny Toon Adventures1990TV Series character layout artist - 1 episode
Now, Hare This1958Short animator
Muppet Babies1984-1988TV Series animation director - 60 episodes
Feather Bluster1958Short animator
The Little Wizards1987TV Series sequence director - 1987
Horton Hatches the Egg1942Short assistant animator - uncredited
The Transformers1984-1987TV Series sequence director - 33 episodes
G.I. Joe1985-1986TV Series sequence director - 85 episodes
The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show1986TV Series animator
Defenders of the Earth1986TV Series animation director - 5 episodes
Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines1985Video sequence director
Robotix1985TV Series sequence director - 1985
Jem1985TV Series sequence director - 5 episodes
Dungeons & Dragons1984-1985TV Series animation director - 14 episodes
Jim Henson's Little Muppet Monsters1985TV Series Animation Director - 1 episode
The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour1985TV Series animator
Curse of the Pink Panther1983animator: main titles - uncredited
Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island1983animator: bridging sequences / animator: classic cartoons
Trail of the Pink Panther1982animator: main titles - uncredited
Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales1982animator: bridging sequences / animator: classic cartoons
The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat1982TV Short animator
The Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie1981animator: bridging sequences
Space Stars1981TV Series animator - 1981
The Flintstone Comedy Show1980TV Series animator - 1 episode
Super Friends1980TV Series animator - 8 episodes
Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You?1980TV Short animator
Daffy Duck's Easter Show1980TV Movie animator
Pink Panther in the Olym-pinks1980TV Short animator
Supermarket Pink1980Short animator
Fright Before Christmas1979TV Short animator - uncredited
Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales1979TV Movie animator
The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special1979TV Short animator: classic cartoons
Toro Pink1979Short animator
Pink Bananas1978Short animator
Pet Pink Pebbles1978Short animator
A Pink Christmas1978TV Short animator
Pink U.F.O.1978Short animator
How Bugs Bunny Won the West1978TV Short animator
Sprinkle Me Pink1978Short animator
Pink Arcade1978Short animator
The All New Pink Panther Show1978TV Series animator
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show1978TV Series animator - 1978
Revenge of the Pink Panther1978animator: main titles - uncredited
What's New, Mr. Magoo?1977TV Series animator - 16 episodes
Baggy Pants & the Nitwits1977TV Series animator - 13 episodes
Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special1977TV Short animator: classic cartoons
Bugs Bunny's Easter Special1977TV Special animator
Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure1977animator: Everything and Everyone Else
Therapeutic Pink1977Short animator
The Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour and a Half Show1976TV Series animator
The Sylvester & Tweety Show1976TV Series animator
Medicur1976Short animator
Pink Piper1976Short animator
It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown1976TV Movie animator
Pink Campaign1975Short animator
Rockhounds1975Short animator
The Oddball Couple1975TV Series animator
Pink Da Vinci1975Short animator
Eagle Beagles1975Short animator
From Nags to Riches1975Short animator
M-o-n-e-y Spells Love1975Short animator
Watch the Birdie1975Short animator
The Hoober-Bloob Highway1975TV Movie animator
Apache on the County Seat1973Short animator
The Barkleys1972TV Series animator - 1 episode
Camera Bug1972Short animator
Love and Hisses1972Short animator
Punch and Judo1972Short animator
Nippon Tuck1972Short animator
The Lorax1972TV Short animator
The Houndcats1972TV Series animator - 1 episode
Croakus Pocus1971Short animator
Serape Happy1971Short animator
Pink-In1971Short animator
Psst Pink1971Short animator
The Pink Flea1971Short animator
Pink Pranks1971Short animator
Cattle Battle1971Short animator
Pink Tuba-Dore1971Short animator
Pink Blue Plate1971Short animator
A Fink in the Rink1971Short animator
A Fly in the Pink1971Short animator
A Leap in the Deep1971Short animator
Fastest Tongue in the West1971Short animator
The Great Continental Overland Cross-Country Race1971Short animator
From Bed to Worse1971Short animator
Mud Squad1971Short animator
The Cat in the Hat1971TV Short animator
The Bugs Bunny Show1962-1971TV Series animator - 3 episodes
Snake in the Gracias1971Short animator
Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle1970Short animator
Doctor Dolittle1970TV Series animator - 3 episodes
Gem Dandy1970Short animator
Mumbo Jumbo1970Short animator
War and Pieces1970Short animator
Bridgework1970Short animator
The Foul Kin1970Short animator
Science Friction1970Short animator
A Taste of Money1970Short animator
Say Cheese, Please1970Short animator
Odd Ant Out1970Short animator
Goldilocks1970TV Short animator
The Froggy Froggy Duo1970Short animator
Scratch a Tiger1970Short animator
Go for Croak1969Short animator
A Pair of Greenbacks1969Short animator
A Pair of Sneakers1969Short animator
Never Bug an Ant1969Short animator
Here Comes the Grump1969TV Series animator
The Pink Panther Show1969TV Series animator - 5 episodes
Tijuana Toads1969Short animator
Sweet and Sourdough1969Short animator
Technology, Phooey1969Short animator
Extinct Pink1969Short animator
The Deadwood Thunderball1969Short animator
In the Pink of the Night1969Short animator
I've Got Ants in My Plans1969Short animator
Flying Feet1969Short animator
Slink Pink1969Short animator
The Ant from Uncle1969Short animator
Think Before You Pink1969Short animator
The Ant and the Aardvark1969Short animator



My Little Pony 'n Friends1986-1987TV Series 61 episodes
Fraggle Rock1987TV Series 1987
Potato Head Kids1986TV Series 1986
InHumanoids1986TV Series 13 episodes
The Glo Friends1986TV Series 1986
Moon Dreamers1986TV Series 2 episodes

Won awards

Won awards

YearAwardCeremonyNominationMovieAward shared with
1987Golden AwardMotion Picture Screen Cartoonists Awards

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