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Pablo Escobar Net Worth

Among the people that are well known world-wide Pablo Escobar net worth has been reported to have approximation of 2 billion dollars. Even if some people don’t realize from where he got this kind of large sum of money, they still understand the name Pablo Escobar. To other folks he’s …

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Billy Joel Net Worth

Among the hottest musicians on the planet Billy Joel net worth has an approximation of 160 million dollars. Billy Joel is mainly called an extremely successful musician, vocalist, songwriter, piano player and organist. Additionally, an enormous section of Billy Joel net worth comes from his participation into performing and making …

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Halle Berry Net Worth

Halle is5’6and weighs116pounds. Halle’s mom proved to be a psychiatric nurse and her dad a hospital attendant in the exact same ward. The psychiatric nurse’s parents divorced when she was her four and she and her sister stayed with their mom and became estranged from their dad. After high school …

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