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David Copperfield Net Worth

It’s been said that David Copperfield net worth has an approximation of 150 million dollars. David Copperfield is known as among the greatest magicians and illusionists in the entire world. He’s seen to be the sole one magician who can join both magic tricks and storytelling in his act that’s …

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Magic Johnson Net Worth

Magic was born is a normal family, not rich, his dad worked on General Motors assembly line and his mom was a janitor in a single school. Magic fell in love with basketball since early childhood when he sees his favourite stars on television. The name suited him absolutely, because …

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Criss Angel Net Worth

If you would like to write most affluent magician and illusionist on earth, do not forget to place Criss Angel name on that list. Nicely its likely that the being the illusionists not the only matter that make Criss Angle affluent. But we may say that his ability as an …

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Derren Brown Net Worth

He’s famous for his appearances in television specials, stage productions, and British television series including “Trick of the Mind” and “Trick or Treat”. Since the initial program of his show “Derren Brown: Mind Control” in 2000, Brown has become increasingly popular for his mind-reading performance. He’s written novels for magicians …

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Lance Burton Net Worth

In 2010 he stopped his 31-year career. Burton first became interested in magic in the age of 5, when he was among the volunteers in a magic show of Magician Harry Collins during a Christmas celebration in the Frito Lay plant where his mom worked. The trick was The Miser’s …

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Uri Geller Net Worth

Uri Geller (Hebrew: ; /ri lr/; produced 20 December 1946) is an illusionist, well known worldwide as a magician, television personality, and self-proclaimed psychic. He’s famous for his hallmark television performances of spoon bending and other supposed psychic effects. Throughout time, Geller has used easy conjuring tricks to model the …

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