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Larry Page Net Worth

It’s been estimated the total sum of Larry Page net worth reaches $39.5 billion dollars. Larry Page is called an internet entrepreneur, computer scientist and businessman. Larry Page is largely called a cofounder of Google that’s among the very significant sources of Larry Page net worth which brings vast amounts …

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Sergey Brin Net Worth

So he met Larry Page so then later on they started to assemble a top-notch search engine, Google. It’s believed that for now he’s more than $31.8 Billion as his net worth so far. And until now, for now continues to be reached so many honest awards and he got …

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Terry Semel Net Worth

Terry Semel (created February 24, 1943) is an American corporate executive who had been the chairman and CEO of Yahoo! Incorporated. In June 2007, Semel stepped down as CEO due in part to pressure from stockholders’ discontent over Semel’s compensation (in 2006 – wages $1, stock options worth $70 million) …

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