Business Services in EnterpriseOne

Business services

Business services are non-financial operations provided by businesses to other businesses. These services can include marketing and advertising, consulting, logistics, travel, waste management, staffing, administration, security, and more. Business services also help companies reduce their costs and focus on their mission. Some common services provided by businesses include accounting, marketing, and human resources.

Business services can be published or unpublished. If they are published, business services have an input value object and an output value object. These objects can be shared among multiple published business services. For example, if you have a published business service that accepts multiple input values, you can expose it as a web service.

Business services are also published in the JDeveloper workspace. Once a business service is published, it appears in the navigation pane of a JDeveloper project. You can use the same package name as the published business service. You can also rename the published business service class by choosing “New EnterpriseOne Project” in the workspace context menu.

As the world’s economic and technological landscape continues to change rapidly, the way businesses operate is changing, too. As a result, business leaders must adapt and become more agile to remain competitive. This requires new capabilities and a new mindset. By embracing digital transformation and emerging technologies, business services can become an integral part of a company’s digital strategy.

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