How Laws Shape Our Lives


Whether it’s a business dispute, a personal injury case, a criminal case, or an issue regarding voting, laws influence our lives. They play a major role in shaping our economy, politics, history, and society.

There are four basic types of law in the United States: criminal, civil, tax, and immigration. Each type of law has its own set of legal rules.

Criminal law deals with rules of court procedure and the rights of citizens. Civil law deals with public services, such as water and utilities. Tax law involves regulations on value added tax and corporate tax. Immigration law covers the rights of foreigners to live and work in the nation-state.

Commercial law covers property and contract law. Laws in this area are more complex. Tax law also includes regulations on income tax and value added tax.

Law also includes the doctrine of precedent. This means that decisions made by higher courts bind lower courts.

The International Court of Justice, also known as the World Court, was founded in 1946. It has ruled on over 170 cases. It also has issued advisory opinions. Its members are independent experts who consult with UN specialized agencies on matters involving international law.

The United Nations has developed many legal principles and treaties to address issues related to international law. It has worked on migrant labour, drug trafficking, international humanitarian law, and protecting the environment. The United Nations Charter calls on the Organization to promote the progressive development of international law.

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