How to Spot Legal Issues in Law Cases


If you’re going to law school, you’ll need to learn how to spot legal issues. In any civil or criminal case, there are usually legal issues that arise. These are questions that require court involvement. You can prepare yourself by identifying these issues and viewing cases involving these topics.

Legal issues are typically debated around controversial social or human issues. They may include issues such as gun control, abortion, privacy, and immigration. However, the focus on these debates can vary. Some discussions concentrate on the application of existing regulations, while others focus on the need for new ones.

One common legal issue is eminent domain. Eminent domain is the process of taking private property for public use without the owner’s consent.

Another common legal issue is lis pendens. A lis pendens notice is a document that is filed on land records. This means that if the person owns the land, the court will hold it to pay for a judgment.

For example, if the landlord is evicting you, you may have a lis pendens. If you have a protective order against a family member, you have a lis pendens.

Other legal issues include nolo contendre, which is a way for a defendant to deny charges in a civil action. Nolo contendre can be issued for failure to prosecute, or inability to prove guilt.

There are also juvenile and family laws. The juvenile courts handle cases involving serious juvenile offenses. These offenses include crimes against persons, drugs, and property.

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