How to Write News


News is a report of any incident which interests or affects people. The information in a news story should be fresh and new. It should not be published before in any other media. Also it should not contain any personal opinion or bias of the journalist who writes it.

Ideally, news should be brief so that it can be read in one sitting and interesting enough to keep the reader’s attention. It should be written clearly and picturesquely so that the reader can understand it, and it should be accurate so that the reader will trust it. It is important for journalists to know their audience well in order to decide what makes the best news stories.

When writing a news article, start with the most important information and place it above the fold. The fold refers to the crease at the top of a newspaper page, where readers can see the most important stories without scrolling down. This is also a good rule to follow when writing online news articles.

A successful news story needs to meet several criteria: it should be new, unusual or interesting and significant. A story about a war in a faraway country is likely to be of more interest than one about a local fire, even though both are probably important events. A story about a coup d’etat in your own country is probably more important than one about a coup in a neighbouring country.

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