Intimate Relationships


Relationships have different levels of intimacy. An intimate relationship involves emotional and physical intimacy. It is commonly a sexual relationship, but it can be non-sexual as well. An intimate relationship is a very personal experience that can be life-changing for both people. Intimate relationships are important in every human’s life.

Some relationships are ruined by infidelity, but a surprising number of relationships survive such a situation. Besides infidelity, everyday threats to relationships can be equally devastating. Loss of interest in intimacy and waning positive feelings may also be a cause of relationship breakdown. Even decades of faithfulness do not guarantee long-term relationship success. In fact, the divorce rate has doubled since 1990.

An open and honest communication is key to a healthy relationship. It gives both partners a chance to voice their needs and opinions, and keeps them connected. You cannot read your partner’s mind, so it’s crucial to convey your feelings clearly. The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to make your partner feel important and accepted.

Intimate relationships involve physical and emotional intimacy. These relationships often involve sexual activity, though they can be non-sexual as well.

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