Relationships 101


Relationships are the interactions between two or more individuals. These can range from simple acquaintances to committed relationships. They are formed in the context of social influences.

Relationships can also be defined as a legal agreement. Some examples are civil unions, marriage and polygamy. The language used to describe a relationship depends on the beliefs and culture of the people involved.

Physical contact and sex are often the cornerstones of a committed relationship. Keeping up with these two activities is important to maintaining a healthy relationship. However, if the partners have a problem with physical intimacy, it can be a sign that their relationship is not secure.

Affectionate contact helps boost the body’s oxytocin levels, which in turn increases bonding. Having a good relationship with a partner requires understanding and respecting their nonverbal cues, such as body language.

Emotional connection is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship. When two people are emotionally connected, they feel happy, valued and accepted. It is also essential to provide the other person with the time and attention they need.

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires open communication, acceptance of differences and care. If one of the partners is constantly depressed or unhappy, the relationship may suffer. This is especially true in a relationship where one partner has been in a bad relationship in the past.

If one of the partners wants to see the other frequently, this can be a sign that the other partner is not meeting his or her physical needs. Another warning sign is working too hard in the relationship.

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