Al Hill Net Worth

Al Hill Net Worth is
$7 Million

Al Hill Biography

Al Hill was born on July 14, 1892 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Bank Dick (1940), The Racketeer (1929) and The Death Kiss (1932). He was married to Rene Boucicault. He died on July 14, 1954 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Known for movies

Quick Facts

Date Of BirthJuly 14, 1892
Place Of BirthNew York City, New York, USA
Height5' 8½" (1.74 m)
Star SignCancer

Interesting Facts

1He grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan and worked in the circus for a few years before moving to Los Angeles.
2Father of Al Hill Jr.
3Daughter, with Boucicault, Arline Patricia



I'll Take Romance1937Taxi Driver (uncredited)
The Last Gangster1937Convict (uncredited)
Stand-In1937Set Decorator / Tomato-Thrower (uncredited)
Stage Door1937Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Sophie Lang Goes West1937Marty
The Big Shot1937Spots
A Fight to the Finish1937Henchman Spike (uncredited)
Hollywood Cowboy1937Henchman Camby
Kid Galahad1937Reporter in Dressing Room (uncredited)
San Quentin1937Convict
There Goes My Girl1937Rethburn's Henchman (uncredited)
Motor Madness1937Henchman Jeff Skinner
A Family Affair1937Convention Delegate (uncredited)
Parole Racket1937Dapper Dunning
You Only Live Once1937Attendant in Second Gas Station (uncredited)
Secret Valley1937Henchman Chance
Smart Blonde19372nd Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Winterset1936Gangster (uncredited)
Flying Hostess1936'Knuckles' Boland
The Accusing Finger1936Reporter (uncredited)
Love Letters of a Star1936Chick
Without Orders1936Reporter (uncredited)
Sworn Enemy1936Morris, a Gangster (uncredited)
Missing Girls1936Whitey
Crash Donovan1936Mike
36 Hours to Kill1936Gangster Riding in Truck (uncredited)
The Big Noise1936/ISlug Batterson, Morelli's Henchman (uncredited)
The Border Patrolman1936Frank Adams
Bullets or Ballots1936Pinball Distributor (uncredited)
Forgotten Faces1936
Three on the Trail1936Kit Thorpe
Call of the Prairie1936Slade
Next Time We Love1936Taxi Driver (uncredited)
The Payoff1935Mike
Dr. Socrates1935Gangster in Car (uncredited)
The Life of Riley1957TV SeriesButch
It's a Great Life1935Robber in Lunch Car (uncredited)
Adventures of the Falcon1955TV SeriesHouseman
The Virginia Judge1935John Smith (uncredited)
3 Ring Circus1954Circus Roustabout with Message from Sam (uncredited)
Diamond Jim1935Fireman (uncredited)
The Silver Chalice1954Rioter (uncredited)
We're in the Money1935Phil's Bodygurad (uncredited)
A Star Is Born1954Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Woman Wanted1935Smiley's Henchman (uncredited)
The Human Jungle1954Door Painter (uncredited)
Public Hero #11935Al - Sonny's Henchman (uncredited)
Three Hours to Kill1954Townsman (uncredited)
Air Hawks1935Pete - Henchman (uncredited)
Broken Lance1954Miner (uncredited)
Mister Dynamite1935Casino Attendant (uncredited)
Living It Up1954Newspaper Slugger (uncredited)
'G' Men1935Hood (uncredited)
Silver Lode1954Searcher (uncredited)
Princess O'Hara1935Mug (uncredited)
The High and the Mighty1954San Francisco Ground Crewman (uncredited)
West Point of the Air1935Army Messenger at Randolph Air Field (uncredited)
The Miami Story1954Simmons, Detective (uncredited)
Death Flies East1935Miller (uncredited)
Tennessee Champ1954Pop Vendor's Customer (uncredited)
Car 991935Smaller Bank Robber (uncredited)
Public Defender1954TV Series2nd Bartender
Night Life of the Gods1935Masseur (uncredited)
Money from Home1953First Reporter (uncredited)
The Whole Town's Talking1935One of Mannion's Henchmen (uncredited)
Dragnet1953TV Series
Shadow of Doubt1935Tough on Pay Phone (uncredited)
El Alaméin1953Australian (uncredited)
The Winning Ticket1935Bookie (uncredited)
Three Sailors and a Girl1953Kramer (uncredited)
Buried Loot1935ShortLouie Rattig (uncredited)
Calamity Jane1953Barfly (uncredited)
Men of the Night1934Hold-up Man (uncredited)
Those Redheads from Seattle1953Bartender (uncredited)
Against the Law1934Reardon
Vicki1953Seedy Movie House Patron (uncredited)
The Lemon Drop Kid1934Second Mug (uncredited)
The Stranger Wore a Gun1953Rafe - Ex-Soldier (uncredited)
Death on the Diamond1934Moore - Cardinal Player (uncredited)
Gun Belt1953Lynch Mob Member (uncredited)
Have a Heart1934Driver Bumping Jimmie's Car (uncredited)
The Band Wagon1953Arcade Shooting Gallery Operator (uncredited)
Take the Stand1934Man at Radio Station (uncredited)
South Sea Woman1953Benny - Bartender at Krastner's (uncredited)
Million Dollar Ransom1934Gangster (uncredited)
Run for the Hills1953Process Server (uncredited)
Straight Is the Way1934Monk's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Mr. & Mrs. North1953TV SeriesCarter
Name the Woman1934Maxie
The Ford Television Theatre1953TV SeriesJones
Punch Drunks1934ShortKiller Kilduff (uncredited)
Count the Hours1953Taxi Driver (uncredited)
She Learned About Sailors1934Departing Sailor (uncredited)
Sword of Venus1953Sailor on Beach (uncredited)
The Hell Cat1934Reed (uncredited)
The Clown1953Dice Player (uncredited)
The Personality Kid1934Al
The Abbott and Costello Show1953TV SeriesLefty
The Murder in the Museum1934Detective (uncredited)
The Star1952Cameraman (uncredited)
Picture Brides1934Steve, Detective
Adventures of Superman1952TV SeriesSam
A Very Honorable Guy1934Gangster (uncredited)
Bloodhounds of Broadway1952Bookie (uncredited)
Bedlam of Beards1934Short
Kansas City Confidential1952Stickman #2 (uncredited)
Whirlpool1934Spike - Henchman (uncredited)
Racket Squad1952TV Series
Wharf Angel1934Sailor on 'The Coyote' (uncredited)
The Story of Will Rogers1952Bill, Reporter at Wharf (uncredited)
All of Me1934Mickey (uncredited)
The Sniper1952Bartender (uncredited)
Palooka1934Dynamite Wilson (uncredited)
The Half-Breed1952Bartender (uncredited)
Fugitive Lovers1934Joe (uncredited)
Kid Monk Baroni1952Art Chefe's Fight Manager (uncredited)
Grin and Bear It1933Short
The Girl on the Bridge1951Bartender
Lady Killer1933Casino Bouncer (uncredited)
A Millionaire for Christy1951Cab Driver (uncredited)
The Prizefighter and the Lady1933Sid Munsie (uncredited)
Strangers on a Train1951Carnival Game Proprietor (uncredited)
The Chief1933Henchman Who Gets Kicked (uncredited)
Sealed Cargo1951Tom, Bannon's Bearded Crewman (uncredited)
One Year Later1933Greggs (uncredited)
Smuggler's Gold1951Walt
Quiet Please!1933ShortTough Guy
Hunt the Man Down1950Pete Floogle (uncredited)
Don't Bet on Love1933One of Shelton's Hoods (uncredited)
The Flying Missile1950Shipboard Observation Officer (uncredited)
I Cover the Waterfront1933Sailor (uncredited)
Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard1950Laundryman (uncredited)
Song of the Eagle1933Stubby, Ex-Doughboy (uncredited)
To Please a Lady1950Steward #1 (uncredited)
The Little Giant1933Mug Selling Bonds Back (uncredited)
The Fireball1950Policeman (uncredited)
Private Jones1933Howard (uncredited)
Right Cross1950Heldon's Handler (uncredited)
Pick-up1933Johnson--Reporter (uncredited)
A Lady Without Passport1950Policeman (uncredited)
She Done Him Wrong1933Barfly (uncredited)
711 Ocean Drive1950Al, Las Vegas Bookmaker (uncredited)
The Death Kiss1932Assistant Director
Fortunes of Captain Blood1950Seaman (uncredited)
Night After Night1932Blainey
Kill the Umpire1950Umpire Trainee (uncredited)
The Last Mile1932Fred Mayer - Cell 3
Riding High1950Spectator (uncredited)
The Tenderfoot1932Spud - a Thug (uncredited)
Cargo to Capetown1950Captain Shanahan (uncredited)
Dancers in the Dark1932Smitty - Bouncer (uncredited)
Always Leave Them Laughing1949Newark Assistant Stage Manager (uncredited)
A Fool's Advice1932Kelly's Henchman
Red Light1949Burt (uncredited)
Lady with a Past1932Collins - the Chauffeur (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Mr. Soft Touch1949Fire Chief (uncredited)
Corsair1931First Mate of the Corsair
The Doolins of Oklahoma1949Deputy Madison (uncredited)
The Ruling Voice1931Hood (uncredited)
The Crooked Way1949Taxicab Driver (uncredited)
Maid to Order1931
Knock on Any Door1949Detective Interrogating Romano (uncredited)
Ten Cents a Dance1931Jones, a Sailor
Slightly French1949Carnival Barker (uncredited)
Little Caesar1931Rico's 'Butler' (uncredited)
The Paleface1948Pioneer (uncredited)
The Criminal Code1931Jerry (uncredited)
Station West1948Dice Table Croupier (uncredited)
The Widow from Chicago1930Johnson's Henchman (uncredited)
The Babe Ruth Story1948Taxi Driver (uncredited)
A Soldier's Plaything1930Poker Player (uncredited)
River Lady1948Lumberjack (uncredited)
One Night at Susie's1930Chippy (uncredited)
Fury at Furnace Creek1948Poker Player (uncredited)
The Doorway to Hell1930Jimmy Kirk - Gangster (uncredited)
State of the Union1948Television Technician (uncredited)
Top Speed1930Briggs (uncredited)
On Our Merry Way1948Mover (uncredited)
Manslaughter1930Man in Montage (uncredited)
High Wall1947Patient (uncredited)
Halfway to Heaven1929Blackie
Christmas Eve1947Bartender (uncredited)
The Racketeer1929Squid
Magic Town1947Townsman (uncredited)
Side Street1929Henchman Blondie (uncredited)
Brute Force1947Convict in Chow Line (uncredited)
Broadway Babies1929One of Perc's Henchmen (uncredited)
The Perils of Pauline1947Reporter (uncredited)
Alibi1929Brown - a Crook (uncredited)
The Trouble with Women1947'Gazette' Man (uncredited)
Stool Pigeon1928Red
The Hat Box Mystery1947ShortFlint, the Boss
Me, Gangster1928Danny
The Corpse Came C.O.D.1947Al - Shipping Clerk (uncredited)
Dressed to Kill1928Gangster (uncredited)
That's My Man1947Man at $100 Window (uncredited)
Her Wild Oat1927Lunch Counter Customer (uncredited)
My Favorite Brunette1947State Trooper (uncredited)
The Drop Kick1927Jack's Buddy at Dance (uncredited)
It Happened in Brooklyn1947Bus Driver (uncredited)
A Submarine Pirate1915ShortNavigator / Torpedo Loader (uncredited)
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman1947Man (uncredited)
Fatty and the Broadway Stars1915ShortStudio Workman (uncredited)
Mr. District Attorney1947Hood (uncredited)
Johnny O'Clock1947Fisherman (uncredited)
The Mighty McGurk1947Acme Agent (uncredited)
I've Always Loved You1946Stagehand 2 (uncredited)
The Show-Off1946Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Nocturne1946Policeman Flynn (uncredited)
Magnificent Doll1946Man (uncredited)
Lady Luck1946Herman - Roulette Dealer (uncredited)
Crack-Up1946Card Player on Train (uncredited)
The Killers1946Disgruntled Diner Patron (uncredited)
Mr. Ace1946Mack's Henchman (uncredited)
Our Hearts Were Growing Up1946Louie (uncredited)
Her Kind of Man1946Man in Pool Hall (uncredited)
Perilous Holiday1946Benny Lockner (uncredited)
The Kid from Brooklyn1946Reporter (uncredited)
One Way to Love1946Candy Butcher (uncredited)
San Antonio1945Hap Winters (uncredited)
Captain Kidd1945Peter Sharfstone (uncredited)
Road to Utopia1945Townsman (uncredited)
Shady Lady1945Card Player (uncredited)
Incendiary Blonde1945Al - Vettori Bodyguard (uncredited)
Eve Knew Her Apples1945First Motorcycle Officer (uncredited)
Belle of the Yukon1944Miner (uncredited)
Dangerous Passage1944Crewman (uncredited)
Here Come the Waves1944Lieutenant - J.G. (uncredited)
The Princess and the Pirate1944Pirate (uncredited)
Lost in a Harem1944Laughing Palace Official (uncredited)
Mystery of the River Boat1944Louie (uncredited)
Mrs. Parkington1944Miner (uncredited)
The Last Ride1944Molino (uncredited)
The Soul of a Monster1944Waiter (uncredited)
Dragon Seed1944Japanese Officer (uncredited)
Meet the People1944Mac (uncredited)
Rationing1944Greenie (uncredited)
Shine on Harvest Moon1944Al - Golden Horseshoe Headwaiter (uncredited)
The Navy Way1944Shore Patrol Gate Guard (uncredited)
A Gem of a Jam1943ShortCrook (uncredited)
The Phantom1943Collins (uncredited)
Lost Angel1943Mug (uncredited)
In Old Oklahoma1943Waiter (uncredited)
Government Girl1943FBI Man (uncredited)
Sweet Rosie O'Grady1943Editor Ellis (uncredited)
Destroyer1943Knife-Eating Sailor (uncredited)
Petticoat Larceny1943Al Perkins (uncredited)
The Sky's the Limit1943/ISergeant - Canteen Doorman (uncredited)
Good Luck, Mr. Yates1943Workman at Ringside (uncredited)
A Stranger in Town1943Moving Man (uncredited)
Murder in Times Square1943Older Detective (uncredited)
Gem-Jams1943ShortHotel Imperial House Detective
After Midnight with Boston Blackie1943Sammy Walsh (uncredited)
A Blitz on the Fritz1943ShortMan Chasing Egbert (uncredited)
Lady Bodyguard1943Mechanic (uncredited)
Random Harvest1942Member of House of Commons (uncredited)
Tennessee Johnson1942Heckler (uncredited)
Lucky Jordan1942First Killer (as Al M. Hill)
Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood1942Jailer (uncredited)
Northwest Rangers1942Poker Player (uncredited)
For Me and My Gal1942Newark Palace Stagehand (uncredited)
Lucky Legs1942Reporter (uncredited)
A Man's World1942Eddie Bartlett
Apache Trail1942Shotgun Guard (uncredited)
Sabotage Squad1942Police Clerk (uncredited)
Escape from Crime1942Frankie (uncredited)
Night in New Orleans1942Croupier (uncredited)
My Favorite Spy1942Mr. Cooper (uncredited)
Dr. Broadway1942Jerry
Sunday Punch1942Bassler's Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Kid Glove Killer1942Henchman Collecting from Eddie (uncredited)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp!1942Tim
Two Yanks in Trinidad1942Bartender (uncredited)
True to the Army1942Lippy (uncredited)
The Man Who Returned to Life1942Hobo (uncredited)
Pacific Blackout1941Cop #2 in Cafe (uncredited)
Harvard, Here I Come!1941Doorman (uncredited)
Honolulu Lu1941Detective (uncredited)
Confessions of Boston Blackie1941Police Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Unholy Partners1941Hector - Henchman (uncredited)
Honky Tonk1941Miner (uncredited)
Whistling in the Dark1941Flintwood Policeman (uncredited)
Ringside Maisie1941Scribe (uncredited)
The Big Store1941The Snapper (uncredited)
Broadway Limited1941Henchman in Cafe (uncredited)
Ziegfeld Girl1941Third Truck Driver (uncredited)
Strange Alibi1941Buzz - Loughlin's Telephone Room guard (uncredited)
The Penalty1941Coney, Stuff's Henchman (uncredited)
The Monster and the Girl1941Bruhl's Chauffeur (uncredited)
The Face Behind the Mask1941Man Cooking in His Room (uncredited)
The Great Plane Robbery1940Hood (uncredited)
The Bank Dick1940Filthy McNasty
Seven Sinners1940Sailor (uncredited)
Junior G-Men1940Burke, Second Henchman (uncredited)
Good Bad Boys1940ShortBurglar (uncredited)
Lucky Partners1940Officer Bob Clark (uncredited)
They Drive by Night1940Driver in Cafe (uncredited)
Passport to Alcatraz1940Hoodlum (uncredited)
Island of Doomed Men1940Clinton (uncredited)
The Man from Tumbleweeds1940Honest John Webster
And One Was Beautiful1940Convict (uncredited)
Invisible Stripes1939Getaway Driver at Bank Job (uncredited)
Charlie McCarthy, Detective1939Detective (uncredited)
Slightly Honorable1939Bartender (uncredited)
Missing Evidence1939Galvin (uncredited)
The Roaring Twenties19391st Ex-Con (uncredited)
Eternally Yours1939Heckler (uncredited)
The Escape1939Lefty (uncredited)
Honeymoon in Bali1939Second Cab Driver (uncredited)
I Stole a Million1939Post Office Guard (uncredited)
Behind Prison Gates1939Betts (uncredited)
Winter Carnival1939New York Mercury Reporter (uncredited)
Each Dawn I Die1939Johnny - a Gangster (uncredited)
Mickey the Kid1939Henchman (uncredited)
The Kid from Kokomo1939Al, a 50% Owner (uncredited)
Broadway Serenade1939Chuck (uncredited)
Sergeant Madden1939Prisoner on Train (uncredited)
Cafe Society1939Cab Driver (uncredited)
Ambush1939Deputy (uncredited)
Fighting Thoroughbreds1939Henchman (uncredited)
Gambling Ship1938Larry the Finger
Angels with Dirty Faces1938uncredited
The Last Express1938Marshal
Time Out for Murder1938Joey - Eddie's Accomplice (uncredited)
Boys Town1938Rod (uncredited)
Smashing the Rackets1938Strong Arm Man (uncredited)
The Crowd Roars1938Second Warehouse Bodyguard (uncredited)
Men with Wings1938Mail Driver (uncredited)
Rebellious Daughters1938Al - Chief Henchman (uncredited)
Always Goodbye19382nd New York Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Come Across1938ShortHideout Operator (uncredited)
Joy of Living1938Look Photographer (uncredited)
The Lady in the Morgue1938Spitzy
Wide Open Faces1938Gangster (uncredited)
Rawhide1938Bartender (uncredited)
A Slight Case of Murder1938Gangster (uncredited)
Penitentiary1938Kitchen Trusty (uncredited)
Partners of the Plains1938Doc Galer
She's Got Everything1937Second Taxi Driver (uncredited)

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Hey Moe, Hey Dad!2015TV Series documentaryVarious characters
Sea Raiders1941Speeding Motorist [Ch. 2] (uncredited)

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