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$12 Million

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Godfrey Ho (Chinese language: 何志强 or 何致强) (1948–) is a former Hong Kong-based prolific film director and screenwriter, sometimes considered the Ed Wood of Hong Kong cinema. Ho is believed to have directed more than one hundred films, including over 80 movies from 1980 to 1990, but only one film since 1995, apparently retiring from film-making in 2000. Many of his works are now regarded cult films by aficionados of Z movies as being among some of the most unintentionally humorous movies ever created.

Known for movies

Quick Facts

Date Of Birth1948-01-01
Place Of BirthHong Kong
Weightabout 155 pounds
ProfessionDirector, Writer, Assistant Director

Interesting Facts

1Teaches film making at the Hong Kong Film Academy [November 2005]
2He effectively retired from direction some 10 years ago, after 25 years making genre films in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Phillipines, he was most recently teaching filmmaking at Hong Kong Polytechnic Universty. [May 2005]
3He is considered a master of B-movie Hong Kong actioners. However, a number of his movies are Z-grade movies made with a "cut-and-paste" technique. He would shoot footage for one movie, often using Caucasian actors for exportation, then edit the scenes into several other movies, mixing them with footage from old, unfinished or unreleased Asian movies (using Thai as well as Chinese or Filipino footage), then trying to make the story somewhat coherent through dubbing and voice-overs. He would then have four or five movies (of rock-bottom quality, of course) while having spent the budget of one.


1[on John Ladalski] He's a little bit of a troublemaker . . . He has quite a cinematic face but he's not very professional, he's quite emotional too. Compared to other American actors, he's not quite so professional.
2[on Pierre Tremblay] He's good. He's quite a guy with humor, a very nice guy, and he married a Chinese girl.
3[on Jonathan Isgar] Kind of funny guy. I like him too but not too professional, he made movies for fun. Still, he was very cooperative.
4[on Mike Abbott] A kind of rude person. Because he's quite a strong guy and straightforward, western style. But no complaints for me.
5[on Richard Harrison] Richard is good! A very good guy, a kind of gentleman.
6I used to be a movie maker. Now I am teaching people to make movies. It really makes me glad when my students are happily showing me their works. Only if you've been through the whole process, can you understand how satisfactory and delightful it is.



Mission for the Dragon1980
Jioksibi gwanmun1980
Long quan she shou1980
Dragoneer 5: The Indomitable1979
Shao Lin zhen ying xiong1979
The Dragon, the Hero1979
Xue zhan wu ying quan1979
Ben chu jiang hu lu1978unconfirmed
Yong li ren zhe1978
Long quan xiao zi1977as Ho Chi Keung
Ba Li sha shou1974co-director
The Blazing Ninja1973
Manhattan Chase2000as Godfrey Hall
The First Assignment1995as Wallace Chan
Mr. X1995as Ed Woo
Hong tian mi ling1994
Hei tai yang 731 si wang lie che1994
Catman in Boxer's Blow1993as Alton Cheung
Cui hua kuang mo1993as Godfrey Hall
Angel the Kickboxer1993
Honor and Glory1993as Godfrey Hall
Ji qing mo te ren1993as Chi-Chiang Ho
Kickboxer Against the Odds1992
Little Kickboxer1992as Herbert Lam
Robo-Kickboxer - Power of Justice1992as Alton Cheung
Maruta 2: Laboratory of the Devil1992
Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure1992as Charles Lee
Power Force1991as Charles Lee
The Fighter, the Winner1991as Albert Yu
Thunder Ninja Kids: The Hunt for the Devil Boxer1991as Alton Cheung
Catman in Lethal Track1990as Alton Cheung
Ninja Empire1990
Jing tian long hu bao1990
Xian fa zhi ren1990
Thunder Kids 2: Wonderful Mission1990
Huang jia fei feng1989as Chi-mou Ho
The Vampire Is Still Alive1989as Edgar Jere
Jin pai shi jie1989
Full Metal Ninja1989as Charles Lee
Instant Rage1989as Philip Fraser
Mission Dynamo1989as Charles Lee
Zombie vs. Ninja1989as Charles Lee
Crackdown Mission1988
Ninja Force of Assassins1988as Victor Sears
Ninja Knight Brothers of Blood1988as Raymond Woo
Ninja Strike Force1988uncredited
Scorpion Thunderbolt1988
Soldier Terminators1988as Charles Lee
The Power of Ninjitsu1988uncredited
The Undercovers1988as Larry Huton
American Commando 3: Savage Temptation1988as Charles Lee
Ninja Extreme Weapons1988as Victor Sears
Battle for the Treasure1988as Burt Peterson
Ninja Demon's Massacre1988as Tommy Cheung
Rage of Ninja1988
Crocodile Fury1988
Ninja: The Battalion1988as Victor Sears
Thunder of Gigantic Serpent1988as Charles Lee
Hands of Death1988
The Vampire Raiders1988as Bruce Lambert
Diamond Ninja Force1988
Empire of the Spiritual Ninja1988as Bruce Lambert
Act of Gangs1988as Victor Sears
Dressed to Fire1988as Charles Lee
Kingdom of Power1988as Anthony Pa
Law of Honor1988as Charles Lee
Mad Moves1988as Tim Ashby
Ninja of the Magnificence1988as Charles Lee
Ninja Powerforce1988uncredited
Robo Vampire1988as Joe Livingstone
The Ninja Showdown1988uncredited
The Spy Inferno1988as Bruce Lambert
Cobra vs. Ninja1987uncredited
Death Code: Ninja1987as Tommy Cheung
Golden Ninja Invasion1987
Ninja Avengers1987
Ninja Commandments1987uncredited
Ninja Death Squad1987as Tommy Cheung
Ninja Operation: Licensed to Terminate1987uncredited
Ninja Phantom Heroes1987as Bruce Lambert
Top Mission1987as Henry Lee
Ninja: Silent Assassin1987
Hitman the Cobra1987
Devil's Dynamite1987as Joe Livingstone
Ninja: American Warrior1987as Tommy Cheung
Advent Commando 5: Sweet Inferno1987as Charles Lee
Black Warrior1987as Christ Hannah
Kill Butterfly Kill1987as Charles Lee
Ninja 8: Warriors of Fire1987as Bruce Lambert
Ninja in Action1987as Tommy Cheung
Ninja Kill1987uncredited
Project G-71987
Raiding Invaders1987hi-definition sequences
Bionic Ninja1986
Clash of the Ninjas1986
Golden Ninja Warrior1986uncredited
Ninja Dragon1986
Ninja Fantasy1986as Bruce Lambert
Ninja Hunt1986uncredited
The Ninja Squad1986
Tough Ninja the Shadow Warrior1986as Larry Hutton
Ninja Destroyer1986
The Ultimate Ninja1986
Challenge of the Ninja1986
Inferno Thunderbolt1986
Commando Fury1986as Chester Yang
Ninja Champion1986
Project Ninja Daredevils1986
Shadow Killers Tiger Force1986
Hou ying quan1985
Lei ting chu chuan1985
Ninja Masters of Death1985as Bruce Lambert
Ninja Terminator1985
Ninja in the Killing Fields1984Video as York Lam
Revenge of the Drunken Master1984
Zhi zun shen tou1984
7 Star Grand Mantis1983
Coil of the Snake1983
Fist of Golden Monkey1983
Mission Thunderbolt1983
Daehyeongchuldo1982international version
Leopard Fist Ninja1982
Shen tui mi zong shou1982
Justice of the Dragon1982
Jin hu men1982
Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick1982
Ninja, the Violent Sorceror1982as Bruce Lambert
Da Mo shen gong1981
Fu quan1981
Shaolin Fist Fighter1980


Hubungan jenayah1995
Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure1992screenplay - as Tony Cheung / story - as Alton Cheung
The Fighter, the Winner1991as Alton Cheung
Kickboxer King1991as Alton Cheung
Thunder Ninja Kids: The Hunt for the Devil Boxer1991screenplay - as Chris Lam / story - as Alton Cheung
Rage Betrayed1990screenplay - as Bob Green
Thunder Kids 2: Wonderful Mission1990screenplay - as Alton Cheung / story - as Tony Cheung
Jin pai shi jie1989story - as Benny Ho
Full Metal Ninja1989screenplay - as Benny Ho
Soldier Champion1989screenplay - as Alton Cheung
Zombie vs. Ninja1989as Benny Ho
Crackdown Mission1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Ninja Force of Assassins1988
Ninja Knight Brothers of Blood1988as Benny Ho
Ninja Strike Force1988story
Scorpion Thunderbolt1988screenplay
The Power of Ninjitsu1988story developed by
American Commando 3: Savage Temptation1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Rage of Ninja1988screenplay - as Benny Ho / story developed by
Ninja: The Battalion1988as Hans Coltman
Thunder of Gigantic Serpent1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Hunting Express1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Hands of Death1988story developed by
The Vampire Raiders1988as Antonin Gasner
Diamond Ninja Force1988writer
Empire of the Spiritual Ninja1988screenplay - as Jerry Sawyer
Act of Gangs1988as Daniel Clough
Dressed to Fire1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Night of the Ninja1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Ninja of the Magnificence1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
Ninja Powerforce1988story developed by
Platoon Warriors1988Video screenplay - as Benny Ho
The Extreme Project1988screenplay - as Benny Ho
The Ninja Showdown1988story developed by
Untouchable Glory1988writer
Angel's Blood Mission1987screenplay - as Benny Ho
Cobra vs. Ninja1987story developed by
Death Code: Ninja1987as Frank Lewis
Ninja Avengers1987story developed by
Ninja Commandments1987story developed by
Ninja Operation: Licensed to Terminate1987story developed by
Ninja: Silent Assassin1987story developed by
Hitman the Cobra1987story developed by
Ninja: American Warrior1987as Martin Greenfield
Black Warrior1987screenplay - as Glenn Clegg
Ninja Kill1987story developed by
Ninjas, Condors 131987as Benjamin King
Project G-71987
The Brave Platoon1987screenplay - as Benny Ho
Bionic Ninja1986
Clash of the Ninjas1986
Ninja Dragon1986screenplay
Ninja Destroyer1986screenplay / story developed by - as Benny Ho
The Ultimate Ninja1986screenplay
Challenge of the Ninja1986screenplay / story - as Benny Ho
Inferno Thunderbolt1986screenplay
Commando Fury1986as Benny Ho
Ninja Champion1986
Project Ninja Daredevils1986screenplay
Hong tiao jing1985as Benny Ho
Lei ting chu chuan1985screenplay
Ninja Holocaust1985
Ninja Masters of Death1985as Ronald Nicholas
Ninja Terminator1985screenplay
Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom1985as Benny Ho
Zhi zun shen tou1984
Jin fen you long1983as Benny Ho
Mission Thunderbolt1983screenplay
Hong fen bing tuan1982screenplay
Ninja, the Violent Sorceror1982as Daniel Clough
Zhi fen zhi bing1982screenplay - as Benny Ho
Bing bing zei zei1981co-writer
Gai shi ji hua1981as Benny Ho
Snake Fist of a Buddhist Dragon1979screenplay
Sha chu chong wei1978as Benny Ho
Wu long jiao yi1974screenplay

Assistant Director

Long xing dao shou jin zhong jun1979assistant director
Sadaetonguimun1978assistant director
Dragon on Fire1978assistant director
The Four Assassins1975assistant director - uncredited
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires1974assistant director - uncredited
Peng you1974assistant director - as Ho Chih-chiang
The Savage Five1974assistant director - as Chih Chiang Ho
Shatter1974asst. director - as Geoffrey Ho
Jing cha1973assistant director - as Chih-Chiang Ho
Ci Ma1973assistant director - as Ho Chih Kuang
Si qi shi1972assistant director - as Ho Chi-Chiang
Nian qing ren1972assistant director
The Water Margin1972assistant director - as Chih Chiang Ho
E ke1972assistant director - as Chih Chiang Ho
Boxer from Shantung1972assistant director - as Chih Chiang Ho
Shuang xia1971assistant director - as Chih-Chiang Ho


Manhattan Chase2000producer - as Godfrey Hall
Hubungan jenayah1995producer
Cui hua kuang mo1993producer - as Godfrey Hall
Jing tian long hu bao1990producer
American Commando Ninja1988producer
The Ninja Squad1986associate producer - as Robert Young / executive producer
Challenge of the Ninja1986associate producer - as Robert Young
18 Golden Destroyers1985supervising producer - as Benny Ho


Mr. X1995Godfather Ho
Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure1992as Benny Ho
Thunder Kids 2: Wonderful Mission1990as Benny Ho
Ninja Hunt1986Doctor Ho (uncredited)
Mission Thunderbolt1983Brown's HK Contract (machine-gun) (as Godfrey Ho Jeung Keung)
Bing bing zei zei1981
Long xing dao shou jin zhong jun1979as Ho Chi-Keung

Production Designer

Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure1992as Alton Cheung
Thunder Ninja Kids: The Hunt for the Devil Boxer1991as Alton Cheung
Mission Dynamo1989as Alton Cheung
Soldier Champion1989as Alton Cheung
Mantis Vs the Falcon Claws1983
Sha chu chong wei1978


Ninja Demon's Massacre1988action director - as Felix Tong
The Ninja Squad1986story developer
The Ultimate Ninja1986story developer - as Benny Ho
Ma jia gou1970script supervisor - as Chi-Chiang Ho

Sound Department

Sadae solimsa1984dubbing supervisor
Secret Ninja1982dubbing supervisor
Strike of the Tortured Angels1982dubbing supervisor - as Benny Ho
Gaksital Lyeoguichyaep1978dubbing supervisor - as Benny Ho

Production Manager

Thunder Ninja Kids: The Hunt for the Devil Boxer1991production supervisor - as Alton Cheung
Soldier Terminators1988production supervisor


Lian huan pao1985


Lucky Prime2007Short thanks - as Joe Livingstone

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