Tag: Richest Businessmen

Ben Bernanke Net Worth

It’s been estimated the total sum of Ben Bernanke net worth reaches an approximation of 2 million dollars. Additionally, he continues to be said to get 180 thousand dollars as his yearly salary. Ben Bernanke is well known to people as a banker, economist, businessman as well as a professor …

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Jerry Jones Net Worth

Among the very successful and most affluent individuals in the entertainment business Jerry Jones net worth has been declared lately. Jerry Jones is called an extremely successful and strong entrepreneur, CEO as well as who owns the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys team. Additionally, he’s whoever owns the foundation which seeks for …

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Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak is known as among the originators of Apple Computers firm as well as other Apple programmers including Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Mike Markkula. They all created, developed and released to the marketplace among the very most successful computer lines called Apple II show. The sales of it …

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