The Importance of Technology in Education and Business


Technology relates to the application of scientific knowledge to improve lives and make tasks easier. It is an essential part of people’s everyday lives and is indispensable to modern society. People are unable to perform even the most basic activities without technology. Technology also makes it possible to send astronauts to the moon and other places far away from our homes.

Many people have a narrow definition of what they think of when they hear the word technology. They equate it with gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, HiFi’s, cars and robotic grass cutters. In a business context it is often associated with information technology (IT), which relates to computer networks, systems, software and storage.

In the classroom, teachers use technology for a range of purposes. It is a way for students to interact with each other and collaborate on projects. Using platforms like myViewBoard, students can work together from different locations and countries to complete assignments and presentations. It helps students to connect with peers and build a sense of community in the classroom.

In the business world, some employees have resistance to incorporating technology into their work. They may fear that they will lose their jobs to robots and other forms of automation, or that it will slow down productivity and efficiency. To address these concerns, businesses can conduct demonstrations and seminars to show how technology can greatly benefit their operations. Moreover, employers can offer professional development opportunities to help employees learn new skills.

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