What is Fashion?


Fashion Style:

A form of clothing, hairstyle, or decoration that has a current appeal.
Fashion is a social phenomenon that involves dissemination and followers; it has been said that “fashion disseminates in a pyramid-shaped manner: top-down (“trickle-down”), bottom-up (“bubble up”) or transversally across cultures and through viral memes and media (“trickle-across”).

The term ‘fashion’ was first used in Europe to describe a specific kind of clothing style in the 14th century. However, the fashion industry has existed for much longer than that.

In a modern Western society, fashion is influenced by many factors including the clothing fashions, political influences, technological influences, social influences, economic influences and consumers’ needs. It is also heavily influenced by the mass media and often the fashion features in popular movies, music videos and books have a huge impact on what people wear.

There are also several types of fashions, such as the retro fashion that has been around for a long time and is now back in fashion again.

A person’s clothes can reveal a lot about who they are, and how they perceive themselves in the world. For example, a person with green hair and multiple piercings can be seen as a freak or outsider by some people, but others may see it as an expression of rebellion and separation.

Another type of fashion is cross-dressing, which means that someone dresses in clothing that is not made for men or women. This type of dress can be a way for people to express themselves, but it is also often frowned upon and considered “degrading.”

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