What Is News?


News is information that affects the lives of people, either directly or indirectly. It may be about events in politics, the economy, natural disasters or the environment, and it could be about a specific individual.

Some stories are more interesting than others. For example, a girl going to university might be more newsworthy than a car killing a chicken or a pig, or a man aged 55 marrying a girl aged 15.

If an event occurs and people find it interesting they talk about it and write about it. The level of interest in a particular story will depend on its importance to the people who live where it takes place and on their way of thinking about it.

A news story is written to inform, educate and entertain the readers, listeners or viewers. It should not be boring, or without an element of humour.

It is important that all the facts in a news article are correct. It is a good idea to have an editor look at your work before you submit it. This will ensure that all the facts are accurate and that your article is well written.

A good conclusion for a news article should be a restatement of the main points and a statement about how things might change in the future. It should also include additional information about the person or people who were involved in the article, such as their contact details and quotes from interviews.

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