What Is News?


News is a collection of events that is reported through a variety of media such as newspapers, radio and television. News has always been important in the human world, but technological developments and social changes have influenced how it is collected and reported.

The earliest forms of News were orally transmitted, and then were written down for future reference. Over time, new technologies made it possible to transmit News much more quickly and widely. Newspapers, magazines and radio were early forms of News, but now the Internet has allowed many people to gather and distribute news on their own.

In order to be considered News something must be unusual and significant. Often, this means that it must affect many people. For example, if an insect is causing problems with food crops it will make the news. The same is true if someone is arguing that the Roman Catholic Church should or should not ordain women priests.

Another aspect of News is drama. Most things that are newsworthy contain some element of drama. It is easier for people to understand and relate to a dramatic situation than an abstract one. This is why robberies at convenience stores, for example, usually make the news. They involve identifiable good and bad characters, and the story makes clear who is doing what to whom.

It is important for the people who work in the News industry to understand what it takes for an event or situation to be a newsworthy item. This understanding can help them to determine which stories will be most popular with their audiences. It is also important for people to tune in to a wide range of News sources, in order to get an overall picture of how different types of News are presented.

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